Working with space has a long history at CMR. Our activities cover energy systems, mechanical structures and life Support system components

The space activity in CMR dates back to 1963 closely connected to the build-up of the Andøya Space Center as well as development of sounding rockets for probing of the upper atmosphere. CMR within its daughter company Prototech has designed and manufactured more than 100 payloads for scientific research rockets. Furthermore, CMR Prototech has supplied advanced equipment housings for a wide range of satellites. The number of supplied space hardware units exceeds 1300. CMR Prototech has participated in several ESA studies, both as contractor and sub-contractor since 1988. The space activities have diversified and today covers energy systems, mechanical structures and life support system components. The expansion is set to continue as CMR has chosen Space as one of its key market areas and will levy its strengths in advanced instrumentation and data analysis and visualization towards the space markets.


Today CMR Prototech:

  • Develops fuel cell and energy systems, and since more than 10 years has been developing fuel cell energy systems for space flight.
  • Develops and manufactures mechanical structures for space flight covering all steps from dummies to flight hardware.
  • Develops and manufactures various types of mechanical ground support hardware (MGSE)
  • Is a supplier and developer of life support system components, both single components and integrated systems, for use in manned space flight.


CMR Prototech’s core technology areas are:

  • Advanced mechanical design and problem solving
  • Mechanical and thermal analyses of structures
  • Prototyping and product design
  • High Temperature PEM and Solid oxide fuel cells
  • Components for life support and energy systems
  • High quality manufacturing