• NSFMW-Saetreetal2015

    ; ; ; Philip Chan, Engie

    Presentation given at The International North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop in Tønsberg 2015.

  • Installation effects and flow instabillities

    ; ; Frøysa, Kjell Eivind Bergen (University College, Norway);Chan, Philip (Engie)

    This paper will address the analysis carried out in order to understand and correct flow meter effects on the Gjøa gas export metering station.

  • In-situ effects on ultrasonic gas flow meters

    Philip Chan, Engie; ; ; Øyvind Storli, FMC Technologies Sveinung Myhr, FMC Technologies Reidar Sakariassen, Metropartner Atle Abrahamsen, FMC Technologies

    This paper describes the course of events which led to the discovery of a significant mis-measurement on Gjøa platform’s gas export from the operator's point of view.

  • A new methodology for cost benefit-risk analysis of oil metering station layouts

    ; ; ; ;

    This presentation focused on how the risk associated with meter failure may be incorporated in a traditional cost-benefit analysis.

  • Er fornybar geotermisk energi et alternativ for Svalbard?


    Spørsmålet er mer enn noen gang blitt aktuelt. Forskere har en visjon om at geotermisk energi kan erstatte dagens fossile energi, og jobber nå med å kartlegge det geotermiske potensialet.

  • A Fast Reduced Order Method for Assessment of Wind Farm Layouts

    ; ; Khalilb Marwan

    Due to wake losses, the power production of wind farms depend on the positioning of turbines in relation to each other, i.e. the wind farm layout. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be used for solving the complex flow in a wind farm since wake effects are inherently simulated.

  • Sailbuoy Unmanned Surface Vehicle as an active acoustic measurement platform for biomass detection and monitoring; sensor integration, tests, and demonstration mission

    ; Peddie, David; ; ; ; Korneliussen, Rolf

    The Sailbuoy is a low cost autonomous ocean platform capable of deployments for extended periods of time, and part of a new generation of vehicles designed for marine observations enabling scientists to expand and intensify the study and monitoring of seas and oceans.

  • Advances in the use of active acoustics for detection and conservation of cetaceans

    Bernasconi, Matteo; ; Patel, Ruben; Nøttestad, Leif; Brierly, Andrew S.

  • Evolution inspector: Interactive visual analysis for evolutionary molecular design

    ; Foscato, Marco, University of Bergen, Norway; Eliasson, Sondre H., University of Bergen, Norway; Jensen, Vidar R., University of Bergen, Norway

    De novo design is a computational-chemistry method, where a computer program utilizes an optimization method, in our case an evolutionary algorithm, to design compounds with desired chemical properties.

  • The Ultrasound Visualization Pipeline

    ; Åsmund Birkeland, University of Bergen; Dieter Hönigmann; Odd Helge Gilja; Svein Brekke; Timo Ropinski; Ivan Viola, University of Bergen, Norway, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

    Ultrasound is one of the most frequently used imaging modality in medicine. The high spatial resolution, its interactive nature and non-invasiveness makes it the first choice in many examinations. Image interpretation is one of ultrasound’s main challenges. Much training is required to obtain a confident skill level in ultrasound-based diagnostics. State-of-the-art graphics techniques is needed to provide meaningful visualizations of ultrasound in real-time.

  • Visibility-Driven Processing of Streaming Volume Data

    ; Åsmund Birkeland, University of Bergen; Ivan Viola, University of Bergen, Norway, Vienna University of Technology, Austria; Stefan Bruckner, University of Bergen, Norway

    In real-time volume data acquisition, such as 4D ultrasound, the raw data is challenging to visualize directly without additional processing. Noise removal and feature detection are common operations, but many methods are too costly to compute over the whole volume when dealing with live streamed data. In this paper, we propose a visibility-driven processing scheme for handling costly on-the-fly processing of volumetric data in real-time.

  • Abstract Representation of Power System Networks as a Function of Regularity Properties

    ; ; A.B. Svendsen,Goodtech Power, Bergen, Norway; T. Tollefsen, Goodtech Power, Bergen, Norway; R.F. Pedersen,Goodtech Power, Bergen, Norway; K.P. Petursson, Goodtech Power, Bergen, Norway

    Goodtech and Statnett SF have developed an online regularity calculator, with minimal delay between acquisition of process values and presentation of calculated regularity indices for the power grid. The simulation tool was put in operation in October 2013 for testing and bug fixing at Statnett’s operational central in Oslo.

  • Monte Carlo Simulations of a Scanning System Based on a Panoramic X-Ray Tube with a Conical Anode

    ; Andrii Sofiienko, University of Bergen, Allegaten 55, P.O. Box 7803, 5020 Bergen, Norway; Ådne Voll, 3Visuray AS, Strandbakken 10, 4070 Randaberg, Norway

    Monte Carlo simulations were used to study photon production in a panoramic X-ray tube with a conical tungsten target to determine the optimal characteristics of the target shape and electron beam configuration.

  • Rapid Modelling of Interactive Geological Illustrations with Faults and Compaction

    Mattia Natali; ; Julius Parulek

    In this paper, we propose new methods for building geological illustrations and animations. We focus on allowing geologists to create their subsurface models by means of sketches, to quickly communicate concepts and ideas rather than detailed information. The result of our sketch-based modelling approach is a layer-cake volume representing geological phenomena, where each layer is rock material which has accumulated due to a user-defined depositional event.

  • Attention Driven Foveated Video Quality Assessment

    ; Touradj Ebrahimi, Andrew Perkis

    User experience plays a crucial role in emerging multimedia services. Traditional Quality of Service (QoS) criteria have been demonstrated to be not adequately accurate to measure and manage the user viewing experience when consuming multimedia content.

  • Active Acoustic Detection of Subsea Oil and Gas Leaks; Model Prediction and Measurements

    ; ; R. Kubilius, and T. Torkelsen

  • The SailBuoy remotely-controlled unmanned vessel

    Mahmud Hasan Ghani; ; Hole, Lars R.; Fer, Ilker; Kourafaloud, Vassiliki H.; Wienders, Nicolas; Kang, HeeSook; Drushka, Kyla;

  • Estimation of dielectric properties of crude oils based on IR spectroscopy

    J E Carlson; ; A L Tomren, T Barth

    Dielectric properties of crude oils play an important role in characterization and quality control. Measuring permittivity accurately over a wide range of frequencies is, however, a time-consuming task and existing measurement methods are not easily adapted for real-time diagnostics. IR spectroscopy, on the other hand, provides rapid measurements of fundamental molecular properties.

  • Performance of a lifetime-based optode for measuring partial pressure of carbon dioxide in natural waters

    Atamanchuk, Dariia;; ; Tengberg, Anders; Hovdenes, Jostein; Apostolidis, Athanas; Huber, Christian; Hall, Per O.J.;

    This article reports the performance of an improved, newly developed, compact, low power, lifetime-based optical sensor (optode) for measuring partial pressure of dissolved CO2 gas (pCO2) in natural waters.

  • Sketch-based modelling and visualization of geological deposition

    ; Mattia Natali,Department of Informatics, University of Bergen, P.O. Box 7803, N-5020 Bergen, Norway; Tore Grane Klausen, Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen, P.O. Box 7803, N-5020 Bergen, Norway

    We propose a method for sketching and visualizing geological models by sequentially defining stratigraphic layers, where each layer represents a unique erosion or deposition event.

  • Enhancing Coded Video Quality with Perceptual Foveation Driven Bit Allocation Strategy

    ; ;

    Contrast sensitivity plays an important role in visual perception when viewing external stimuli, e.g., video, and it has been taken into account in development of advanced video coding algorithms. This paper proposes a perceptual foveation model based on accurate prediction of video fixations and modeling of contrast sensitivity function (CSF).

  • Attention driven visual QoE: mechanism and methodologies


  • Stereoscopic Quality Datasets Under Various Test Conditions

    ; Liyuan Xing, Norwegian Univ. of Sci. & Technol. (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway; Touradj Ebrahimi; Andrew Perkis

    Quality assessment on emerging stereoscopic 3D media is still in an early stage when compared to 2D image/video quality assessment.

  • Instant Convolution Shadows for Volumetric Detail Mapping

    ; ; Jan Martin Nordbotten and Stefan Bruckner, University of Bergen

    In this article, we present a method for rendering dynamic scenes featuring translucent procedural volumetric detail with all-frequency soft shadows being cast from objects residing inside the view frustum.

  • High-Quality 3D Visualization of In-Situ Ultrasonography

    Ivan Viola; ; ; Åsmund Birkeland, Linn Helljesen, Helwig Hauser, Spiros Kotopoulis, Kim Nylund , Ola K. Øye, Trygve Hausken, Odd H. Gilja

    In recent years medical ultrasound has experienced a rapid development in the quality of real-time 3D ultrasound (US) imaging. The image quality of the 3D volume that was previously possible to achieve within the range of a few seconds, is now possible in a fraction of a second.

  • Rule-based method for automatic scaffold assembly from 3D building models

    ; ; ; ; Ivan Viola

    To manually specify an optimal scaffold assembly for a given building geometry is a time consuming task. Our goal is to automate the process of selecting and placing scaffold components in order to design an optimal scaffold assembly for a specific building.

  • Geological storytelling

    Endre M. Lidal; ; Mattia Natali, Helwig Hauser, Ivan Viola

    Developing structural geological models from exploratory subsea imaging is difficult and an ill-posed process. The structural geological processes that take place in the subsurface are both complex and time-dependent. We present Geological Storytelling, a novel graphical system for performing rapid and expressive geomodeling. Geologists can convey geological stories that externalize both their model and the reasoning process behind it through our simple, yet expressive sketch-based, flip-over canvases.

  • Rapid Sketch-based 3D Modeling of Geology

    E. M. Lidal; ; ; M. Bendiksen and I. Viola

    We present and compare two different approaches for performing rapid 3D geological modeling. The ad-hoc approach is based on a composition of many specialized modeling functions, while the generic approach provides one powerful, generic modeling function.

  • Modeling Terrains and Subsurface Geology

    M. Natali; ; E.M. Lidal, J. Parulek, I. Viola

    The process of creating terrain and landscape models is important in a variety of computer graphics and visualization applications, from films and computer games, via flight simulators and landscape planning, to scientific visualization and subsurface modelling.

  • Accuracy of the Kirchhoff-approximation and Kirchhoff-Ray-Mode Fish Swimbladder Acoustic Scattering Models.

    ; Gavin J. Macaulay, Héctor Peña, Sascha M. M. Fässler, Egil Ona

    The acoustic backscatter from pressure release prolate spheroids and a three-dimensional representation of a fish swimbladder (Chilean jack mackerel, Trachurus symmetricus murphyi) was calculated using four target strength models (Kirchhoff-approximation, Kirchhoff-ray-mode, finite element solution of the Helmholtz equation, and prolate-spheroid-modal-series).

  • Hvor skal rammen stå?

    ; ;

  • CFD Wake Modelling with a BEM Wind Turbine sub-Model

    ; ;

  • Akustisk deteksjon av lekkasjer i vannsøylen

    ; R. Kubilius

  • Measurements of water conductivity in oil continuous emulsions

    ; ;

  • A new Measurement Program for VOC Emissions during Offshore Oil Tanking of Shuttle Tankers

    ; ;

    When shuttle tankers are loaded with oil from offshore installations, the atmosphere originally present in the empty cargo tanks will be evacuated as the oil is filled. The evacuated gas contains VOC-gas originally in the tanks prior to filling and VOC-gas that is evaporated from the loaded oil.

  • Geothermal Energy for Sustainable Development in North West Indian Himalayas

    Arya, Ritesh; ; Muller, Jiri, Ragnarsson, Arni; Richter, Bjarni 4, Kumar, A.,

    Development of the geothermal resources has the potential to supply the region with electric power, heat and cold which will increase industrial efficiency and productivity in sectors such as agriculture, food processing, tourism and mining. Still this resource in India is ignored and presently used for bathing and cooking only. An Indian-Norwegian Programme for Research Cooperation (INDNOR) has been established to promote collaboration on research and research funding between India and Norway.

  • HeartPad: Real-Time Visual Guidance for Cardiac Ultrasound

    Steven Ford; Gabriel Kiss, Ivan Viola, Stefan Brukner and Hans Torp

    Medical ultrasound is a challenging modality when it comes to image interpretation. The goal we address in this work is to assist the ultrasound examiner and partially alleviate the burden of interpretation.

  • Sketch Modeling of Seismic Horizons from Uncertainty

    Ronan Amorim; ; Emilio Vital Brazil; Mario Costa Sousa

    Petroleum reservoir model building is a fundamental but complex task present in all stages of oil/gas exploration and production (E&P). Reservoir models are built incrementally using multi-disciplinary data (e.g. from geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering) and the domain expert interpretation of that data.

  • Rapid Visualization of Geological Concepts

    Mattia Natali; ; Ivan Viola

    We describe a sketch-based system for constructing an illustrative visualization of the subsurface. An intuitive and rapid modelling tool is defined, which takes as input user’s strokes and creates a 3D layer-cake model of the earth.

  • Lowest-Variance Streamlines for Filtering of 3D Ultrasound

    ; Linn Emilie Sævil Helljesen, Wolfgang Wein, Odd Helge Gilja, Ivan Viola

    Ultrasound as an acoustic imaging modality suffers from various kinds of noise. The presence of noise especially hinders the 3D visualization of ultrasound data, both in terms of resolving the spatial occlusion of the signal by surrounding noise, and mental decoupling of the signal from noise.

  • A Perceptual-Statistics Shading Model

    ; Cagatay Turkay, Mark Price, Ivan Viola

    The process of surface perception is complex and based on several influencing factors, e.g., shading, silhouettes, occluding contours, and top down cognition. The accuracy of surface perception can be measured and the influencing factors can be modified in order to decrease the error in perception.

  • Real Time Image-based Tracking of 4D Ultrasound Data

    Ola Kristoffer Øye; ; Wolfgang Wein, Knut Matre, Ivan Viola

    We propose a methodology to perform real time image-based tracking on streaming 4D ultrasound data, using image registration to deduce the positioning of each ultrasound frame in a global coordinate system.

  • Leukocyte p53 protein biosignature through standard-aligned two-dimensional immunoblotting

    Sigrun M. Hjelle; André Sulen, Ola Kristoffer Øye, Katarina Jørgensen, Emmet McCormack, Bjørg Eli Hollund, Bjørn Tore Gjertsen

    Peripheral leukocytes may reflect systemic disease and stress states through their gene expression profile. Subsequent protein analyses of leukocytes are hypothesized to provide essential information regarding systemic diseases.

  • Illustrative Membrane Clipping

    Å. Birkeland; S. Bruckner, A. Brambilla, I. Viola

    Clipping is a fast, common technique for resolving occlusions. It only requires simple interaction, is easily understandable, and thus has been very popular for volume exploration. However, a drawback of clipping is that the technique indiscriminately cuts through features.

  • Design Principles for Cutaway Visualization of Geological Models

    Endre M. Lida; Helwig Hauser, Ivan Viola

    In this paper, we present design principles for cutaway visualizations that emphasize shape and depth communication of the focus features and their relation to the context. First, to eliminate cutaway-flatness we argue that the cutaway axis should have an angular offset from the view direction. Second, we recommend creating a box-shaped cutaway.

  • Volume visualization for exploration of population trends in two-dimensional gel electrophoresis protein data

    Ola Kristoffer Øye; ; Katarina Jørgensen, Sigrun M. Hjelle, Bjørn Tore Gjertsen

    We propose a visualization method for exploring and analyzing data from two-dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis, a frequently used laboratory technique in proteomics for characterizing and studying protein content in biological samples from patients or cell cultures.

  • Ultrasonic beam transmission through a water-immersed plate at oblique incidence using a piezoelectric source transducer. Finite element - angular spectrum modeling and measurements

    Aanes, Magne; ; ; Vestrheim, Magne;

    A measurement system consisting of a piezoelectric transducer and a water-immersed steel plate is studied.

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