A new Measurement Program for VOC Emissions during Offshore Oil Tanking of Shuttle Tankers

When shuttle tankers are loaded with oil from offshore installations, the atmosphere originally present in the empty cargo tanks will be evacuated as the oil is filled. The evacuated gas contains VOC-gas originally in the tanks prior to filling and VOC-gas that is evaporated from the loaded oil.

A considerable effort has been made in reducing the possibility for such evacuated VOC-gas to be emitted to atmosphere. This has resulted in several technologies implemented for VOC treatments on the ships. Such active VOC treatment technologies include condensation and separation in order to retrieve the VOC-gas, and passive systems for reducing the amount of VOC-evaporation from the filled oil (KVOC). In the Norwegian sector about 20 ships are used. Each ship is equipped with a VOC treatment system. The selected system varies from ship to ship.