Innovative Hybrid Energy System for Stable Power and Heat Supply in Offshore Oil & Gas Installation (HES-OFF)

This project aims to move a step forward in the quest for environmental-friendly and cost-effective solutions to supply energy offshore.




This study will combine mathematical modelling, software development and experimental testing to produce a research based software tool for design and optimization of cleaner hybrid energy systems. By combing expertise within fuel cells, offshore operations, and modelling and testing of hybrid systems, the project will develop a novel concept for stable power and heat supply in offshore oil and gas installations.

Specific role of Prototech in the Project is:

  • General consultancy on the fuel cell, electrolyser and RFCS technologies, hydrogen storage and related topics;
  • Benchmarking of the fuel cell and electrolyser technologies (technology readiness, market analysis). The benchmarking will also be based on a set of specific criteria (technology maturity, reliability, durability, cost);
  • Contribution to the development of a computer model representing the RFCS, including water and thermal management: the validation (errors within few percentage points) against experimental or literature data;
  • Testing of the real fuel cell / electrolyser hardware at Prototech’s laboratories using the “hardware-in-the-loop” approach (the complete system is represented partly by real hardware and partly by computer models).

The publications related to this project can be found by following the links to the project pages at the Norwegian Research Council and ResearchGate.


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