Support for Sustainable Development and Use of Shallow Geothermal Energy within the Areas of the Mieszkanie Plus Programme in Poland. The Main Objectives and Planned Results of the Bilateral Polish-Norwegian Project.


Abstract The Geothermal4PL project is implemented under the terms of the Programmes: European Economic Area Grants, Norway Grants: the Bilateral National Fund – Poland. The project, with the total budget accounting up to 501 285,03 Euro (agreement no 258/2017), started on 20.04.2017 and will run until 31.10.2017. It encompasses co-operation between two Partners: Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute (PGI-NRI) and Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR AS), with some contribution from the Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

The main target of the Geothermal4PL project is to support sustainable development and use of shallow geothermal energy within the areas of the Mieszkanie Plus universal housing programme (a governmental programme for inexpensive housing in Poland) through the exchange of experience and enhancement of knowledge by the experts of PGI-NRI, the project target group and its end-users in co-operation with the Norwegian Partner (CMR AS) as well as the experts of NGU and NTNU.

The project aims at the geological administration on the regional and local levels, the town planners, producers and installers of the ground source heat pumps and their users. Implementation of the project is caused by the urgent need of reduction of emissions of gasses and dusts generated by combustion of the conventional fuels through increase of shallow geothermal energy application and use of the ground sources heat pumps within the areas of the Mieszkanie Plus universal housing programme. It also arises from the compliance with the international, EU and countries policy and legal regulations referring to the increase of use of renewable energy, application of zero-energy technologies and zero- and near to zero-emission technologies as well as the better insulation standards. The main of these regulations and policies are as follows: 2020 climate & energy package, Energy Roadmap 2050, Directive of EP on the energy performance of buildings, Polish Energy Policy until 2030, the National Action Plan for Energy from Renewable Sources, the Polish acts on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, Polish Programme for Air Protection, Polish Programme Mieszkanie Plus universal housing programme.

The project team of Geothermal4PL acknowledges granting the financial funds from the Programmes: European Economic Area Grants, Norway Grants: the Bilateral National Fund – Poland, the agreement no 258/2017, for implementation of this project.

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