Zero emission and Zero Waste Fish Farm concept

The goal of the present project is to develop an innovative fish waste processing unit to be further integrated in a full scale concept of a zero emission and zero waste fish farm - Green Fish Farm (GFF).

Green Fish Farm

Zero emission and Zero Waste Fish Farm concept. Cop. CMR Prototech

The final concept applies to both on-land or sea-based fish farms. The present project submssion focuses on the production of biofuels/biogas from the fish waste (via e.g. anaerobic digestor or thermal decomposition) with additional help from algae/microalgae/shells (via biomass farms), and will also enable vegetables production by using fish waste in aquaponics. The GFF will also integrate different renewable technologies to generate power (e.g. wind, solar, wave, hydro); will incorporate the production of oxygen (via electrolysis) to oxygenate the fish and hydrogen for use in the maritime and transport sectors (i.e. local feeding/maintenance boats, or external customers).