Nisep 201

Compact modern ultrasonic separator system for core sample permeability analysis.

Nisep 201

Application: Part of flow rigs for oil reservoir core sample analysis.

  • Compact two phase separator with acoustic level measurements (30x10 cm, 17 Kg)
  • Compact fan-less controller (5x18x20 cm), with modern GUI and output compatible with Quizix PumpWorks
  • Max change of volume 140 ml and volume resolution 0.01 ml
  • Inlet and outlet fittings: 1/8” Autoclave SpeedBite
  • Pressure and temperature range: 70 MPa and 150ºC
  • Separator material is Hastelloy C-276 and transducer material is titanium grade 2

Christian Michelsen Research AS developed the first NISEP in 1993. The NISEP is used at oil reservoir test centres where reservoir core samples are tested for permeability. The NISEP consists of a compact two phase separator with an ultrasonic level monitoring system giving the volumes of water and oil in the separator chamber.

The level monitoring system, the NISEP controller, contains a powerful ultrasound pulser/receiver. Software in the controller performs data-acquisition and signal processing. The signal processing is adaptive to different process conditions, hence the need for manual adjustments is reduced, and in most cases eliminated. The measurement result is published on several possible communication interfaces, including RS232 protocol compatible with Quizix PumpWorks.

An accompanying GUI application can connect to the NISEP controller and offers user friendly functionality for viewing and logging measurement data and do configuration tasks. It is also possible to view the actual ultrasound signals for verification and signal check. The GUI application can be installed on a Windows computer, and communicates with the controller using Ethernet or RS232 interface.


Link to product flyer and datasheet.