NOx emissions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

The Norwegian Environment Agency wanted a evaluation of different NOx emission models. The project was delievered by CMR.

Evaluation of predictive emission monitoring systems for NOx emissions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

There are several models used for predicting the NOx emission from various sources. These models depend on a number of input parameters and predict the NOx emissions with different precision levels, and are also referred to as PEMS (Predictive Emission Monitoring System). Several different PEMS are used to predict the NOx emissions on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

CMR performed the study by collecting information from operators, suppliers and verification agencies operating at the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The study focused on issues like quality assurance of input parameters, routines in cases with no data, and other challenges around operation and maintenance of the PEMS. One of the topics of interest was how the uncertainty in the predictions is calculated. 

The project resulted among others, in an anonymized report that is openly available to the public. Report from The Norwegian Environment Agency (in Norwegian)


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