The CMR AIS track server is a set of real-time monitoring and analysis tools for vessel traffic information.


AIS is a shipboard autonomous transponder system, operating in the VHF maritime band. It allows ships to easily track, identify, and exchange pertinent navigation information from one another for collision avoidance. The AIS information from the vessels can also be gathered via base stations ashore, passing the information to dedicated AIS data providers.

The AIS server is a complete web-based solution for handling such information. AIS data about individual vessels or defined groups of vessels can be shown in tabular form as reports, or graphically on maps using an integrated web map server. In addition the server provide enhanced support for statistical analysis of the traffic data.

Data can be analyzed with regards to

  • Traffic patterns
  • AIS coverage
  • Traffic density
  • Crossings traffic
  • To and from different countries/harbors
  • Ship type / length / width / depth / sun inclination etc.
  • Investigate
  • Trawling activity
  • Near collisions
  • Compliance with ISPS code…

Provide statistics over

  • Pass lines
  • Vessels in or out of harbors
  • Vessels in different areas