Permittivity Calculator

Method and tool for estimating crude oil permittivity from composition data.

Permittivity Calculator

The permittivity of crude oil is an important input parameter for multiphase flow meters, and should therefore be known with high accuracy in order to ensure accurate multiphase flow rate measurements. In this project, an innovative permittivity calculator with applications for multiphase flow meters was developed by CMR researchers in cooperation with Roxar AS (Emersom Process Management) and the University of Bergen (UiB).

Based on research from a PhD project at UiB, a method and tool for calculating the permittivity of oils at different temperatures and pressures from the oil’s composition was developed. The method is based on combining dielectric theory with multivariate statistical analysis.

The project was funded by the Michelsen Centre for Industrial Measurement Science and Technology.



K Folgerø, A L Tomren, S Frøyen “Permittivity calculator.  Method and tool for calculating the permittivity of oils from PVT data”, 30th Int. North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop, St. Andrews, Oct 2012

A L Tomren, T Barth, K Folgerø “Multivariate analysis of crude oil composition and fluid properties used in Multiphase Flow Metering“ Energy & Fuels, 26 (9), pp 5679–5688, 2012


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