Hydrate monitoring and characterization using electromagnetic sensors

CMR is characterizing gas hydrate deposits in pipelines using broad-band electromagnetic measurements.

Hydrate monitoring and characterization using electromagnetic sensors

In 2007-2011 CMR evaluated potential technologies for monitoring deposits in pipelines in a strategic project MuFAMES, and found that broad-band permittivity measurements is especially suited for characterizing hydrate formation close to the pipe wall. In this project CMR developed the measurement technology further and expanded the range of applications. The measurement system has been applied in the following experiments:

  • Hydrate formation in emulsions studied in Statoil’s high-pressure autoclave
  • Hydrate formation in gas systems studied in SINTEF’s high-pressure rotating pipe rig
  • Hydrate formation in multiphase flow studied in Southwest Research Institute’s high-pressure flow loop as a part of a DeepStar project
  • Hydrate formation in high pressure deadleg experimental setup at Colorado School of Mines

The project was funded by the Norwegian Deepwater Programme, which is a programme established by operators of deepwater licenses to carry out cost effective preparations for safe and efficient drilling and field development.



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