Geothermal Energy for Svalbard

Geothermal energy may be an alternative for the settlements on Svalbard.

Geothermal Energy for Svalbard

The urgent need to reduce climate gas emissions world-wide is also relevant for the Svalbard Archipelago, where coal and diesel are currently the main energy sources. A research project funded by RCN and Store Norske Spitsbergen Grubekompani is investigating the possibilities for geothermal energy utilization on Svalbard as a means to reduce emissions. CMR contribute with

  • Gathering and compiling data from old oil & gas exploratory well on Svalbard
  • Distributed fiber optic temperature measurements in borehole
  • Temperature modelling
  • Analysis of  energy system and energy use for Arctic settlements
  • Dissemination and project administration

Preliminary results show thermal gradients of about 30 degC/km as a standard, but with indications of hot spots areas with gradients above 40 degC/km.  Politicians and industry on Svalbard have shown interest for the project. New project proposals are planned to continue the investigations for geothermal energy utilization on Svalbard.