Automated Construction Planning

Together with a local company that produce and sell scaffold elements, CMR has developed software for automated computation of a complete scaffold setup around a building. The system includes configurable house-models as input, and detailed final visualizations of the resulting scaffold setup.

Automated Construction Planning

The following general rules forms the basis for the algorithm:

  1. The final scaffold setup shall fulfill governmental safety requirements, e.g. to prevent workers from falling of the roof of the scaffold while working.
  2. The setup shall minimize the cost by using large objects where appropriate, e.g. one large platform instead of several small ones.
  3. The setup shall follow design guidelines based on best practices in order to generate a setup that is optimal regrading setup and use.


The output of the software includes list of required scaffold elements used for calculating  price, weight (for transportation), packing lists and visualizations of the total scaffold setup, enabling the company to efficiently respond to customer requests and also gives them an advantage when competing for larger projects by being able to provide detailed estimates and illustrations.



Tyge Løvset , Dag Magne Ulvang , Tor Christian Bekkvik , Kåre Villanger , Ivan Viola, Rule-based method for automatic scaffold assembly from 3D building models
Computer & Graphics, 37(4):256-268, June 2013.