A real-time system for acoustic species identification for use in fisheries.


School Exploration and Analysis Tool (SEAT) is an independent program which shares components with the analysis software LSSS. It is designed for fishing vessels and provides decision support to skippers during search and capture. Both LSSS and SEAT uses the same calculation methods, but the user interfaces are very different. LSSS has many advanced analysis tools that are designed for experts in underwater acoustics. SEAT other hand, requires no special knowledge of marine acoustics.

SEAT is a fishermen's version of acoustic fish species identification tool. It processes data from echo sounders and provides it to skippers as color codes. The colors indicate to the skipper what type of fish is under the vessel, and SEAT thus helps the skipper make decisions.

  • Decision-support system for commercial fishery
  • Real-time acoustic categorization
  • Program shows raw-data and categorized schools

The software is in a research phase, and is developed in cooperation between IMR and CMR. The development has been financed by RCN from 2006, later through FHF and through projects for the Dutch fishing fleet.

Picture: SEAT display.