Technologies, systems and operational procedures for high-level accuracy in biomass control in large cages

The main goal of the SINTEF led KMB-project was to increase knowledge and generate a technological foundation for future systems for biomass control in large aquaculture pens. Sub-goals leading to accomplishment of the main objectives included

  • Development and evaluation of basic technologies for biomass measurement and monitoring.
  • Development of a theoretical basis for continuous model-based estimation on the total number and weight distribution of salmon in a cage.
  • Exploration of the dynamics of salmon behavior and welfare in cages to provide foundation for more representative sampling for existing and new biomass technology.
  • Development of new knowledge on the implementation and operation of measurement instruments to maximize accuracy and repeatability in commercial aquaculture production.


The main results from the project was summarized in “Norsk Fiskeoppdrett” No. 2 2013. For more information visit the project homepage.


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    Sintef Fiskeri og Havbruk / The Research Council of Norway

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