Sailbuoy - Unmanned Ocean Vechicle

The SailBuoy is part of new generation unmanned ocean vehicles designed for marine observations, enabling a persistent presence on the world’s oceans.


The SailBuoy technology has been developed by CMR through several projects, with the aim of creating an autonomous surface vehicle with high robustness and long endurance. The Sailbuoy can carry a range of atmospheric and oceanographic sensors, transferring data to shore via Iridium. The same communication channel is used to send commands to the vessel, e.g. to use the wind to sail to a new location or to keep station.

SailBuoys are used in marine research and monitoring as well as for industrial monitoring applications. Application examples include:

  • Oceanographic measurements (e.g. waves,  temperature, salinity)
  • Acoustic subsea communication and data harvesting
  • Passive acoustic monitoring
  • Active acoustic detection of marine organisms

The SailBuoy is now a commercially available platform for marine measurements from Offshore Sensing AS. See for more information. CMR works with R&D institutions and Offshore Sensing on scientific applications of the SailBuoy.