The CMR optics group have strong expertise within a wide range of optical monitoring and communication technologies. The group have long experience developing robust solutions for harsh environment.


Main focus areas for the optics group are:

  • Fibre optical sensing and communication
  • Optical water monitoring and fluid analysis
  • Optical design and engineering

Some of the key technologies the group is working with are:

  • Distributed Chemical Sensing (DCS): CMR has developed novel solutions for fibre optical distributed chemical sensing. Ongoing projects are targeting measurement and detection of humidity, water and salinity.
  • Fibre optical communication: CMR has developed a high bandwidth high temperature fibre optical telemetry system enabling fast operation logging operations from advanced downhole tools.
  • Fluorescence lifetime measurement, infrared imaging and spectroscopy

We provide optical design and engineering solutions for our customers. We uses Zeemax as optical modelling tool to ensure a robust design.

CMR have extensive infrastructure and long experience in executing complex wind measurement campaigns using lidar technology. 

CMR possess both fibre optical a distributed temperature sensing system and a fibre optical distributed strain and temperature sensing system. Both systems are used to support various projects and can be rented.