Ultrasonic time-of-flight flowmeters

CMR has a long history of R&D on Ultrasonic flowmeters with high measurement accuracy.

Ultrasonic time-of-flight flowmeters

Principle of operation

Time-of-flight (TOF) flowmeters utilize the effect a flowing medium has on the velocity of a propagating pulse. Calculations are made of the mediums flow and sound speed on basis of ultrasonic signals transmitted in the direction of, and against the flow, along one or several acoustic paths.

Transducer, electronics and system development
With a wide competence base on transducer design, electronics design, flow dynamics, signal processing and uncertainty analyses, and more than three decades of experience on ultrasonic flowmeters, CMR can offer solid expertise to developers of state-of-the-art ultrasonic flowmeters.

CMR has been central in developing the original versions of several meters which are on the marked today, and continue to contribute in further development of these:

  • Fluenta Flare Gas Meter
  • FMC Technologies MPU series of gas ultrasonic flowmeters
  • Smith Meter® Ultra series of liquid ultrasonic flowmeters
  • XSENS series of non-invasive ultrasonic guided-wave flowmeters (under development)