SARA has been the main decision support system of the Norwegian Joint Rescue Coordination Centres since January, 2000. The system’s primary function is to aggregate and present all relevant information about real and potential emergency incidents, including location-based information on electronic maps.

Basic features

  • Customer-defined incident templates, with a rich selection of data types
  • Customer-defined checklists, for standard to-do items depending on incident type
  • Information entry is tracked and stored, to be reviewed or replayed later
  • Messages to/from RCC logging, associated to incidents
  • Entered information is searchable

Location and mapping features

  • Supports selectable background maps from configured set of maps
  • Map sources may be standard Web Map Servers or customer-specific map servers
  • Storage and searching of RCC resources and location names
  • Overlay of resources with map location
  • Overlay of dynamic vessel tracking information
  • Overlay of charting tools (markers, distance lines, named search areas etc.)
  • Overlay of custom location-based information (e.g. weather)
  • Map display is kept in a synchronous separate window, ideal for dual-screen workstations

Network distribution features 

  • Application launches from a web page
  • All information is distributed to other users and to server(s)
  • Reports and maps can be generated for web publication
  • Multiple servers may be attached for redundancy
  • Built on standards such as HTTP, LDAP, JMS, JDBC
  • Various compatible products may be used as server components


  • Client

    Hovedredningssentralene, NOFO, Telenor Maritim Radio, Norsk senter for maritim medisin

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