The objective of this project was to facilitate improved understanding of geological evolution by developing methods for rapid and intuitive digital sketching.


The Geoillustrator project was funded by Statoil and the Norwegian Research Council. Project partners were CMR, Statoil and Department of Informatics and Department of Earth Science at the University of Bergen. We researched new methods for automated geoscientific illustrations. Research topics included:

  • Methods for sketch-based modelling and visualization of geological deposition
  • Methods for uncertainty sketching
  • Methods for sketching og faults and compaction
  • Smart cutouts- design principles for cut-away views
  • Rapid surface extraction from 3D seismic cubes
  • Illustrative visualization of heterogeneous models

The results included several software prototypes and a range of publications. Four PhDs were funded in this project.

Natali, Mattia, Parulek, Julius, Patel, Daniel. Rapid Modelling of Interactive Geological Illustrations with Faults and Compaction. Proceedings of Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG), 2014



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Background   Synthesis   Dataset
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