Selected projects

Below a selection of our projects are shown. See the overview of applications and expertise for a broader overview of areas we are working on.

  • BepiColombo Simulation Units 

    BepiColombo Simulation Units

    Prototech delivers simulation units for BepiColombo, an ESA mission to explore the planet Mercury in collaboration with the Japanese space agency, JAXA. Launch is planned to take place during a one month long window starting on 27 January 2017.

  • Clean Highly Efficient Offshore Power (CHEOP) 

    Clean Highly Efficient Offshore Power (CHEOP)

    Prototech is building a robust 10kW solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack ideal for offshore use, while simultaneously designing a MW-scale system for future applications where the SOFC stack will be one of the basic building blocks.

  • Gamma-Ray Tomograph 

    Gamma-Ray Tomograph

    A non-destructive, non-interfering tool for dynamic measurement of three-component/multiphase flow in a pipe.

  • Green Fish Farm 

    Green Fish Farm

    The goal of the present project is to develop an innovative fish waste processing unit to be further integrated in a full scale concept of a zero emission and zero waste fish farm - Green Fish Farm (GFF).

  • HES-OFF 


    This project aims to move a step forward in the quest for environmental-friendly and cost-effective solutions to supply energy offshore.

  • Hydrogen ferry 

    Hydrogen ferry

    The aim of the project is to demonstrate the feasibility of hydrogen and fuel cells for marine electric propulsion, and to test hybrid operation together with Li-ion batteries.

  • Nisep 201 

    Nisep 201

    Compact modern ultrasonic separator system for core sample permeability analysis.



    We are building chambers for tomatoes to grow in space. The aim is to give food to astronauts going to Mars.