Vik, Arild

Vik, Arild

Technology Director

T: +47 908 93 012



  • CO2 storage

    Within Carbon capture and storage (CCS), CMR utilize our long experience and expertise from oil and gas research and technology development. The projects focus on key processes to develop sound and reliable methods in the process of carbon dioxide being stored and safely absorbed rock formations deep below the seabed.

  • Energy systems

    CMR contributes to the design and development of intelligent zero emission energy systems for future needs.


  • Fuel Cell Power Systems

    Around ten tons of greenhouse gases per person in Norway are discharged into the atmosphere per year. The government requires concrete measures to reduce these emissions before 2020. Is it possible to create a society without pollution emission, while also ensuring profitability and jobs?

  • Power Systems in Space

    To develop power systems for space mission CMR do projects on hydrogen and fuel cells for the European Space Agency (ESA).


  • Fuel Cell Technology

    Energy technologies for efficient power production, lower CO2 emissions and reduced environmental impact of energy use are focus areas to Prototech.

  • Hydrogen Technology

    Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier that enables cleaner transport solutions as well as large scale storage of renewable energy. CMR has expertise on a broad field of Hydrogen Technologies from efficient hydrogen production to safe end usage.