Sætre, Camilla

Sætre, Camilla

Asst. Department Manager

T: +47 908 39 804

M: casa@norceresearch.no


  • Fiscal metering

    Fiscal metering is measurement related to buying and selling, and for calculation of tax. CMR is involved in developing of fiscal meters, and evaluation and surveys of fiscal metering stations

  • Uncertainty analysis - Climate gas emissions

    CMR provides 3rd party uncertainty evaluation and recommendations for cost effective metering systems of climate gas emissions and other emissions to air.


  • Uncertainty Analysis

    CMR provides 3rd party uncertainty analysis of fiscal metering systems and climate gas emission monitoring systems, based on theoretical as well as practical in-depth instrument technology knowledge and expertise within instrument uncertainty analysis.

  • Metering Services

    CMR provides 3rd party consultancy related to measurements and metering stations surveys, and has projects with the industry and authorities on the subject.