Ilea, Crina Silvia

Ilea, Crina Silvia

Senior Researcher

T: +47 942 57 802



  • Aquaculture and Fisheries

    CMR contribute to R&D of sensors, software and systems for aquaculture and fisheries. We want to help facilitate sustainable and profitable operations for harvesting the marine ecosystem.

  • Marine Resources

    CMR contribute to R&D of observation systems and advanced software solutions for mapping and monitoring the marine resources. We work for a sustainable management of the ocean and the resources.

  • Green Fish Farm

    CMR Prototech is currently developing a tailored concept for zero emission to air and zero emission to water fish farms called Green Fish Farm (GFF™)


  • Green Fish Farm

    The goal of the present project is to develop an innovative fish waste processing unit to be further integrated in a full scale concept of a zero emission and zero waste fish farm - Green Fish Farm (GFF).