Anfinsen, Stian

Anfinsen, Stian

Department Manager

T: +47 915 68 981



  • Decision Support Systems

    CMR has been developing operational decision support systems over the last 20 years.The topics cover a wide range of application areas and problem domains. Our solutions are always developed in a very close collaboration with our customers and partners.


  • Sara

    SARA has been the main decision support system of the Norwegian Joint Rescue Coordination Centres since January, 2000. The system’s primary function is to aggregate and present all relevant information about real and potential emergency incidents, including location-based information on electronic maps.

  • AIS

    The CMR AIS track server is a set of real-time monitoring and analysis tools for vessel traffic information.


  • BAKTRAK: Backtracking drifting objects using an iterative algorithm with a forward trajectory model

    Øyvind Breivik; ; Atle Ommundsen, Cecilie Wettre

    The task of determining the origin of a drifting object after it has been located is highly complex due to the uncertainties in drift properties and environmental forcing (wind, waves and surface currents). Usually the origin is inferred by running a trajectory model (stochastic or deterministic) in reverse. However, this approach has some severe drawbacks, most notably the fact that many drifting objects go through nonlinear state changes underway (e.g., evaporating oil or a capsizing lifeboat).