NORCE - A pioneer in Norwegian Research and Innovation

Forskningsselskapet SørVest AS launches its new name. The company's formal registered company name will be Norwegian Research Centre AS.


NORCE - A pioneer in Norwegian Research and Innovation

Elisabeth Maråk Støle will be the CEO in NORCE.

In NORCE, the leading research companies in southern Norway merge into a research giant that will make this area of Norway a leader in research, innovation and value creation.

With its headquarters located in Bergen, NORCE will gather the forces of the Bergen-based Uni Research AS and Christian Michelsen Research AS, International Research Institute of Stavanger AS headquartered in Stavanger and Agderforskning AS and Teknova AS in southern Norway.

NORCE was established this autumn under the preliminary project name Forskningsselskapet SørVest AS, and has recently employed Elisabeth Maråk Støle as CEO. Now the brand name is also in place.

An international name for an international company

The acronym NORCE plays the English "Norse" with clear cultural and geographical references to the Nordic and Norwegian languages. NORCE can also be read as a composite word in which the first part of the acronym, NOR (Norwegian / Nordic), primarily identifies a cultural and geographical location, while the second part of the word, RCE (Research Centre) reflects the international research community that it will be an important part of. This gives the name an international sound base, which emphasizes the company's ambition to raise competition with research institutes at home and abroad.

“This name takes a good look at the core business of the new company - research and innovation - and that it has a geographic base along the west and south coasts, while having ambitions to be an innovative company operating in an international market,” says Chairman of the Board Hans Olav Lindal.

“The name brings to mind both something original and something modern and powerful. It strongly supports what the board has defined as the company's vision of being an innovative force in an international research field.”

An including process
Consulting companies Haltenbanken and Mannheimer, developed the new name on behalf of the board.

In the process, Haltenbanken/Mannheimer interviewed the owners and chairman of the company, and did consultation rounds with staff at the institutes. Both the owners and the institutes also made their own suggestions.

The Board and General Assembly have now chosen the name NORCE - A pioneer in Norwegian Research and Innovation. The next step is to develop a logo and visual profile, again in close dialogue with owners and organizations.

"Both the board, our owners and our employees wanted a name and a profile that reflected opportunities and potential based on regional, national and international perspectives, and we also wanted it to reflect that many of our employees are English-speaking.  We are confident that we have achieved this in choosing the name NORCE, "says chairman Hans Olav Lindal.


- A pioneer within Norwegian Research and Innovation
Norwegian Research Centre AS

  • Is a new research company consisting of the former Uni Research AS, Christian Michelsen Research AS, International Research Institute of Stavanger AS, Agderforskning AS and Teknova AS
  • Headquartered in Bergen.
  • Is owned by the University of Bergen, the Unifob foundation, The University of Stavanger, the Rogalandsforskning foundation, the University of Agder, the Agderforskning foundation and the owners of Teknova AS
  • Will be a pioneer within research and innovation.
  • Has appointed Elisabeth Maråk Støle as managing director
  • Is headquartered in Bergen and has business locations in each region
  • Has approx. 900 employees and annual revenues of more than NOK 1 billion.
  • Has a board lead by Chairman Hans Olav Lindal. Board members; Robert Bjerknes, Eva Dugstad, Tor A. Aagedal and Iselin Nybø.



Hans Olav Lindal, Chairman of Norwegian Research Centre AS

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