NASA Legend visited CMR Prototech

NASA legend "Pete" Worden visited us Tuesday 31st of October to follow up potential opportunities for cooperation. We had an open meeting at our Auditorium with great stories.


NASA Legend  visited CMR Prototech

In his nine years as Director for NASA Dr. Simon “Pete” Peter Worden led the transformation of NASA Ames Research Center into an incubator for innovative public and private space projects. In his presentation he  adressed his experience from NASA and also told about his present involvement in NewSpace (private sector).

The event took place at our offices, Fantoftvegen 38, from 12:00 to 13:00.  CEO Bernt Skeie from CMR Prototech spoke about technology transfer “From Space to The Seven Seas” and State Secretary Dilek Ayhan from The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, gave an introduction to “The Norwegian Strategy for the Ocean Space”.

Pete Worden is the executive president of the “Breakthrough Initiatives” and the chairman in the Breakthrough Prize Foundation looking into life in space. This initiative is mainly funded by Yuri Milner, founder of DST Global, who is joined on the board by Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook).

Pete is also on the advisory board for Luxemburg’s government's recently announced spaceresources initiative. This initiative defines a framework for the exploration and commercial utilization of resources from Space, such as asteroids (“space mining”).

Media Coverage

The pictures below shows Worden alone and together with both Dilek Ayhan and Bernt Skeie. Photo is taken by Per Gunnar Lunde, Christian Michelsen Research




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