Rebuilding for hydrogen

M/Y “Che Guevara”, previously owned by Gaddafi, will be converted to run on hydrogen. Greenstat will lead the project and are seeking partners.

02.11.2016 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

Rebuilding for hydrogen

From left Per Erik and Guillermo Berger from Pegi Maritime AS who is todays owners of M/Y “Che Guevara”. Vegard Frihammer from Greenstat (on the right side). Photo: Ørjan Deisz, Bergens Tidende cop.

The 92 feet Sunseeker Predator is now on dry dock in Bergen. The brothers in Pegi Maritime, Per Erik and Guillermo Berger, wanted to engage in projects concerning renewable energy and found this boat that was involved in an accident in 2009. They knew about the expertise at Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) and contacted the institute. Today Vegard Frihammer as CEO at Greenstat is excited about the possibilities for rebuilding this boat.

- This boat has a perfect size for such a hydrogen engine, Frihammer says.

For him the job now is to get investors onboard. The costs are not yet known.

Greenstat AS was established in 2015 by the institute.  Today CMR owns 7,7 % of Greenstat.

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