Space summer job?

Space technology and satellite surveillance is in rapid development. STARBURST is the first national, cross-industrial summer project within NewSpace! Apply now! The job is paid.

19.10.2016 by gunn janne myrseth

Space summer job?

Ill-photo: CMR Prototech delivers simulation units for BepiColombo, an ESA mission to explore the planet Mercury in collaboration with the Japanese space agency, JAXA. Launch is planned to take place during a one month long window starting on 27 January 2017. Picture cop. ESA

Our company CMR Prototech will together with KONGSBERG and other Norwegian space businesses, in cooperation with NAROM (National center for space related learning) and Andøya Space Center, invite top motivated and forward leaning students to compete for 15 summer jobs. The goal is to demonstrate new technologies and system architecture for small payloads and advanced data processing for maritime surveillance from space! One of the jobs is here in Bergen.

The chosen students will participate in a kick off at Kongsberg mid January 2017. Using web-tools, the students will go through basic space technology e-learning modules. Project STARBURST’s first phase (January – June) will be conducted using interactive web-platforms and profiling on social media.

Through 6 weeks of summer job at the various NIFRO-businesses, the students will perform their project activities. The project concludes with a 1 week Space Camp at Andøya Space Centre, with release of the STARBURST payload on a stratospheric balloon and launch of a sounding rocket – combined with whale safari and midnight sun! Apply now!

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