Prototech- helping dreams come true

Alf Egil Stensen woke up one night. His idea was born. Years later and also by prototypinghelp from CMR Prototech, Stensen has succeeded. The dream about FluidCom came true.

11.08.2016 by Gunn Janne Myrseth

Prototech- helping dreams come true

Alf Egil Stensen (at left), Owner TechInvent and Reid Skjærpe, CEO Aarbakke Innovation AS . Picture is taken at Aarbakke’s factory located at Bryne where FluidCom today is manufactured. (Photo: Pål Christensen Stavanger Aftenblad cop.)

This was in 2008. Stensen’s idea was to make the manual dosage of chemicals in offshore operations automatically - so that the dosage was correct and could be controlled from the platform and from the control room at land. The first years he worked by himself in his own garage. Later on he was helped through with support and money from Statoil, Innovation Norway og Ipark. Now they got the possibilities to work with professional suppliers and CMR Prototech could help them with some of the prototyping and buliding, Stensen explains for

This year the company TechInvent - with two employees in addition to Stensen - received their commercial breakthrough with the technology FluidCom. The point of FluidCom is to avoid inaccurate dosages that cause errors and less than optimal effects in the process.

Project leader Øivind Torvanger at CMR Prototech, explains our job and the system as it came out in the end:

- The Fluidcom system consists of an actuator based on a thermal expansion, a needle valve and electronics. The system not only controls the flow, but also measures the flow, ie the system is both a control valve and a flowmeter.

He continues;

- Prototech was engaged in the development of the mechanical system in 2008. It was initially based on a prototype Alf Egil Stensen had tested in his garage, but further development of this prototype soon turned out to be a dead end.  A new design principle was introduced, and this design was manufactured and tested at Prototech with promising results. This design was further developed through a few iterations until 2013. The scope of Prototech comprised design, manufacturing and functional testing of the system, and also design and manufacturing of a 350 bar test rig.  

Finalist at ONS

And the success for Stensen is even more. TechInvent also one of five finalists for the Offshore Northern Seas (ONS ) innovation award for small and medium sized companies. The winner
 is to be annonced at ONS 2016 at the end of August.

Facts: Technology: FluidCom
FluidCom™ chemical injection valve and metering controller is a fully automated, simple and reliable device equipped with integrated autonomous valve control, continuous flow metering and self-cleaning functionality. The unique design of FluidCom™ valves includes minimal mechanical moving parts and is proven to provide operators with an accurate, reliable solution to control chemical injection applications with no regular maintenance required.

Chemical injection is a continuously requirement in all parts of the value chain and all phases in the life cycle of an oil and gas asset. Chemicals are used in many critical applications as: – Corrosion inhibitors – Scale inhibitors – Hydrate prevention – Asphaltene inhibitors – Foam inhibitors – Demulsifiers – Nitrate inhibitors.

The FluidCom application is multipoint chemical injection using a single-unit device per injection point, individual integrated flow control, flow metering, local and remote operation, wired & wireless HART communication.