CMR Prototech visits Brazil

Together with the University of Bergen, Bergen University College and GCE Subsea, Prototech last week visited multiple Universities and research institutes in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The main purpose of the trip was however two meetings with Petrobras at their research centre (CENPES) in Rio.

22.11.2015 by Geir Omdal

CMR Prototech visits Brazil

The first meeting was dedicated to Gamma Ray Tomography and the second related to Clean High Efficiency Offshore Power based on Fuel Cell technology.

During our visit we also met the Director of Innovation Norway Brazil, as well as the Consul – Science and Technology at the Royal Norwegian Consulate. The purpose was to discuss the potential for future cooperation between Norway and Brazil, and governmental funding of the projects mentioned above.

We feel confident that the basis for such a cooperation is in place and look forward to working with our friends in Brazil.


Gamma Ray Tomography