TiZir goes green with Greenstat

The factory in Tyssedal producing high purity pig iron (HPPI) and titanium slag will substitute coal with hydrogen. Their need for hydrogen is so large that there is a market for building a hydrogen factory. This task is taken on by Greenstat and CMR. The change in production process at TiZir leads the way for large scale hydrogen production based on environmental friendly energy.


TiZir goes green with Greenstat

Picture:  TiZir, Sunnhordaland Power Company (SKL) and Greenstat are breaking grounds in order to make hydrogen an energy carrier in the Norway. Concept images by Investas, copyright Greenstat.

Media coverage: Sysla og NRK Vestlandsrevyen

Friday the 16th of October TiZir and Sunnhordaland Power Company (SKL) together with Greenstat signed a letter of intent which is the starting point for commercial hydrogen production in Norway. While CMR is responsible through Greenstat for laying the foundation of a hydrogen power station, TiZir will alter the production facilities in their factory. The previously polluting use of coal is replaced with a process that uses clean hydrogen in the reduction process and towards upgraded ilmenite.

The high purity pig iron from TiZir is predominantly sold to the foundry industry in Europe producing for instance engine blocks and wind turbine nacelles. Titanium slag is used as a component in paint and pigments.

Picture: The letter of intent is signed by the parties at Christian Michelsen Research in Bergen. From the left: Harald Grande, managing director TiZir, Bernt Skeie – chairman of Greenstat and CEO at CMR Prototech, Kjetil Harestad SKL and Vegard Frihammer managing director Greenstat and head of renewable energy at CMR. Also present were persons representing the county municipalities as well as Innovation Norway and Enova, all central actors. Photo: Head of Communication, Gunn Janne Myrseth, CMR.