Green Fish Farm

CMR Prototech is currently developing a tailored concept for zero emission to air and zero emission to water fish farms called Green Fish Farm (GFF™)

Based on a closed cycle/ semi-closed cycle fish farm location, size, amount and type of generated sludge, the GFF™ concept can integrate different renewable technologies (wind, solar, wave, hydropower, osmotic power) for power generation. This energy can be used locally by the fish farm, but it can also be used to produce oxygen and hydrogen via electrolysis. The produced oxygen can be used to oxygenate the fish from the closed farm, while hydrogen can be used by the local boats. Overproduction of oxygen and hydrogen can be commercialized with important revenues (e.g. industrial processes, maritime and transport sectors). The generated sludge can be used to produce biofuels/ biogas via thermal treatment and/ or anaerobic digestion. Furthermore, an algae/ microalgae/ shells farm can also be installed around the closed fish farm and used both as bio filters and as a biomass source for biogas production.

CMR Prototech is developing an innovative fish sludge processing unit based on thermal decomposition process. The final reactor will  be further integrated in a compact container and tested at pilot and full scale together with industry. The final containerized solution will be available for commercialization by 2019 via our company called ProBio AS (joint company with BioFish AS).

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