Environmental Observations

CMR contribute to observe our environment through research, technology and product development. We work for effective environmental monitoring in real-time.

CMR are involved in development of solutions for reliable operation under extreme environments – and for long term operation due to the low power consumption. This includes developing bouys, autonomous measurement platforms and autonomous sensors. We are also involved in several research infrastructures related to the management of the marine environment. In addition, we can assist with:

  • Applying advanced sensor systems and instrumentation into new applications
  • Marine acoustic modelling, monitoring and data analysis
  • Real-time monitoring of multivariate data and alert of events
  • Image and video analyses for effective preprocessing of the data and detection of events

The environmental observations are utilized for climate research, meteorological purposes and marine research and monitoring - including monitoring near the ocean surface, in the water column and in the deep ocean. Available products – SailbuoyICEX, ES300