Aquaculture and Fisheries

CMR contribute to R&D of sensors, software and systems for aquaculture and fisheries. We want to help facilitate sustainable and profitable operations for harvesting the marine ecosystem.

CMR has for a long time been involved in making fisheries more predictable and accountable by contributing to research and by developing new technology. With the growth of aquaculture we have also contributed to monitoring of fish welfare, as well as handling and transportation.

CMR are involved in sensor development for fish welfare, fish quality, water quality monitoring and biomass. We have several ongoing projects developing new autonomous oceanographic sensors that can be utilized within aquaculture. These do not need any human interception, have a small mechanical footprint, are power efficient and available at low cost. We also apply our expertise within imaging for measuring biomass and other purposes.

CMR develops the decision support system called SEAT. The software are used by the fishing boat skipper to identify the species of fish before he starts trawling. This makes the fishing more environment-friendly and makes it possible to manage the sea’s resources in a more sustainable way. Also CMR develops AkvaVis, a demo of a decision support system for aquaculture planning. Available product – SEAT

Green Fish Farm™ (GFF™) is a concept for a zero emission to air and zero emission to water fish farms. The GFF™ concept can be tailored for any type of fish farm (e.g. closed cycle, semi-closed cycle, RAS) either land- or sea-based by:

  • Integrating different renewable technologies (wind, solar, wave, hydropower, osmotic power) for power generation
  • Electrolysis for oxygen and hydrogen production
  • Thermal decomposition and/ or digesters for biofuels/ biogas production
  • Algae/ microalgae/ shells farm for biomass source.