Workshop Facilities

Prototech offers high quality manufacturing, 3D printing, control measurements and various testing.

Workshop Facilities

We have extensive experience and knowledge of high quality precision machining. Highly qualified technicians in a modern equipped workshop with manufacturing, service, test and repair facilities. Our skilled operators have extensive experience and knowledge of machining in a wide variety of materials, ranging from lightweight metals to high-temperature hard steel qualities and ceramics. In addition, we offer high quality measurements of mechanical structures according to customer specifications and requirements.

We have a modern equipped workshop with service and repair facilities, as well as measurement and test facilities. See more details below.


The department's core areas of expertise are


Facilities/ Test Equipment

  • 3D printing/ Rapid Prototyping (see link for more information)
  • Vibration testing (see link for more information)
  • Temperature testing (see link for more information)
  • Multiphase Flow Loop (see link for more information)
  • Material testing
  • Pressure testing (pressure chambers 50 and 350 bar)
  • Vacuum chamber
  • Numerical Controlled Measurement Bench
  • Clean Room (see link for more information)
  • State-of-the-art energy lab for among others fuel cell testing (see link for more information);
    • 5 parallel test compartments with complete infrastructure
    • Gas infrastructure, Safety systems, Power electronics, Instrumentation & Analysis equipment
    • Up to 10 kW electric unit power
    • Remotely controlled tests
    • Safety and robustness driving the design


CNC Machines

  • 6 milling machines (4- to 5-axes)
    • 1x DMG Mori DMF-180, 1800x700x700 [mm], 5 axis, 15000 revs/min
    • 1x Quaser MV184P, 1020x610x610 [mm], 4 axis, 12000 revs/min
    • 1x Quaser MV154EL, 1020x610x560 [mm], 4 axis, 12000 revs/min
    • 1x DMG Mori CMX800V, 800x560x560 [mm], 4 axis, 12000 revs/min
    • 1x Quaser MV154E, 762x530x560 [mm], 4 axis, 12000 revs/min
    • 1x Quaser MF500U, 550x630x610 [mm], 5 axis, 12000 revs/min
  • 3 turning lathes (2 with 3-axes)
    • 1x PUMA 300 LM, 260x590x450 [mm], C-axis
    • 1x OKUMA LB 3000 EX, Ø200x1000x500 [mm], C-axis
    • 1x PUMA 3100ZY, Ø420x1280 [mm]

Measurement Bench

  • 3D Numerical Controlled Measurement Bench of type DEA Performance, 700x1000x460 mm

3D printing

  • Lasertec 30SLM (metal) (Additech)
  • Objet Eden 250 (plastic)
  • Ultimaker 3 (plastic)
  • See link for further details



Please contact us if any questions or if you want help with any of the above services.