Vibration Testing

CMR Prototech offers vibration and shock testing as a separate service or as an integrated service in our development projects.

Vibration Testing

Our vibration testing service comprises:

  • Random and sine vibration
  • Shock test (half sine acceleration pulse)
  • Design and manufacturing of vibration jig
  • Test report and certificate

Facilities specifications

Moving Element Mass 
Vibrator Armature 11.6 kg
Connector for Slip Table 3.83 kg
Slip Tables 56 / 32.5 kg
Vibrator Head 20.9 kg


Sine Ratings   
Force (peak) 13 kN
Velocity (peak) 1.78 m/s
Max Displacement
(peak to peak)
25.4 mm
Max Acceleration
(Unloaded table)
Frequency Range 5 – 2000 Hz


Random Ratings   
Force (peak) 12 kN
Acceleration Power Spectral Density Uniform or
ISO 5344
Max Acceleration 50g
Acceleration peak/rms Greater than 3:1
Frequency Range 20 – 2000 Hz