Pressure Test Facilities

CMR has several pressure test facilities. Example applications are tests of oceanographic equipment and of ultrasonic transducers with simultaneously high pressure and high temperature.

 Pressure Test Facilities

One bench feeding fresh water for large volumes, up to 5MPa. Only manual logging. One bench feeding hydraulic oil for small volumes, up to 100MPa. Logging of pressure and two temperatures. Gas pressurizing is accomplished by means of a gas cylinder depot.

  • Small, high pressure vessels: CMR has a number of small volume pressure vessels, up to a litre. These are intended for liquid pressures up to 70MPa, one vessel is certified to 100MPa. Any liquid pressure medium of interest may be separated from the hydraulic bench output by means of gravity in an intermediate vessel. The pressure vessels may be fitted with different sorts of acoustic reflectors and ultrasonic absorption liners. Multi-pin electrical feed-through is available in some of the vessels, this enables testing of pressure compensated ultrasonic transducers. Download datasheet

The pressure vessels can be placed in heat ovens for combined pressure and temperature testing. 

  • Large low pressure vessel:  CMR has one large (stationary) vessel intended for ordinary pressure testing of oceanographic equipment. MWP=5MPa. This vessel has three inspection windows and an electrical feed-through. Download datasheet


CMR's pressure test facilities are some of a range of facilities that is available to clients. In addition we can offer temperature test chambers/ climate chambers, vibration testing and a variety of flow rigs for gases and liquids. Click here to see a selection of our facilities, or contact us directly for more information about different test facilities. 

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