Energy Lab

State-of-the-art energy lab for among others fuel cell testing; - 5 parallel test compartments with complete infrastructure - Gas infrastructure, Safety systems, Power electronics, Instrumentation & Analysis equipment - Up to 10 kW electric unit power - Remotely controlled tests - Safety and robustness driving the design.

Energy Lab

The Prototech energy lab consists of five test rooms for parallel testing, plus facilities for containerized tests outside.The rooms have separate gas panels and electrical power supplies. The rooms differ in size to test equipment of various sizes, from 0,5x0,8x0,5m to 2x4x2m. The energy lab has recently installed a brand new highly flexible gas infrastructure consisting of 20 different gas and fuel lines, for both low and high pressure. Safety system with gas and fire detectors, emergency shut down of gas and electrical power. Each test room can be supplied with 10 kW electrical power, UPS power for control systems, backup-generator, water cooling and process water supply. Redundant ventilation in each test room creates an under pressure to maintain eventual gas leakages. All tests with gases and fuels are remotely operated and automatic functions for long time testing. The energy lab has quick and robust systems for monitoring and notifying operators, via sms/e-mail and remote operation from anywhere outside of the lab.

The energy lab has equipment for measuring and analysing gas compositions using mass spectrometry, as well as other gas analysers. Leak and pressure testing of equipment can easily be performed with different methods. Non hazardous tests can be performed outside of the test rooms next to the manufacturing and mounting space.

Our researchers and engineers provide the expertise to manufacture the necessary test setup for a wide range of prototypes and components to be tested, ranging from high pressure (200bar) to high temperature (1200°C). We have a long experience of testing fuel cells, reformers, electrolysers, membranes, space flight equipment, filters and other prototypes in our lab. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you have equipment or prototypes which need to be tested.

Prototech are also partner* in the Future Fuel Test Center located outside Bergen at Stord/ Heiane, a test center with possibilities for larger testing of new green energy fuel such as hydrogen and ammonia.

*Partners: Sustainable Energy katapultsenter, The Switch, Future Energy Solutions, Alltec Services and Prototech.