Multiphase Flow Loop

The multiphase flow facility is a three-phase closed loop where nitrogen gas, diesel and salt water is circulated. CMR as well as external companies use the loop for R&D and 3rd party tests of flow instruments.

Multiphase Flow Loop

The test facility consists of 6” and 3” flow loops, a 32 m3 separator tank, centrifugal pumps and reference instrumentation for determination of phase fractions, flow rates, flow pressures and temperatures

  • Pressure range 5-10 bara
  • Temperature range 15-35 oC (no temperature control)
  • Gas flow rate 1100 Sm3/h
  • Liquid flow rate 250 m3/h
  • Water liquid ratio 0-100 %
  • Water salinity can be varied in the range 3-10 S/m

Documentation of operational procedures and the uncertainty of reference instrumentation is available upon request.

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