Gas Flow Test Loop

The CMR Gas Flow Test Loop for flow up to 450 m³/h at 30 bara can be used for research and development and for third party verification.

CMR Gas Flow Test Loop

The 4’’ closed loop is equipped with digital temperature and pressure sensors, and a Flexim Fluxus G608 ultrasonic clamp-on gas flow meter for reference flow measurements. Reference measurement data is logged during test and may be later transferred to a computer. Instrumentation for wet gas applications through water injection has been prepared. 


  • 4’’ piping
  • Two 1.2 m test sections, horizontal and vertical
  • Pressure range 1-30 bara
  • Flow up to 450 m³/h or 15 m/s at 30 bara
  • No temperature control (ambient temperature)
  • Temperature and pressure sensors
  • Reference flow velocity uncertainty <3 % of reading
  • Medium: air or nitrogen, possibility for water injection

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