•  Pressure Test Facilities 

    Pressure Test Facilities

    CMR has several pressure test facilities. Example applications are tests of oceanographic equipment and of ultrasonic transducers with simultaneously high pressure and high temperature.

  • 3D Printing 

    3D Printing

    Prototech offers a range of services based on thorough knowledge and expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and related disciplines, such as 3D printing. Our creative engineers combine their solid theoretical background with excellent practical understanding to achieve the best result.

  • Cleanroom 


    Prototech has in-house cleanroom facilities.

  • CMR Gas Flow Test Loop 

    CMR Gas Flow Test Loop

    The CMR Gas Flow Test Loop for flow up to 450 m³/h at 30 bara can be used for research and development and for third party verification.

  • Field Measurement 

    Field Measurement

    CMR offers a wide range of different services related to in-field measurement. We have have competence in a variety of measurement applications, and our scientists and engineers have hands-on experience from field measurement campaigns.

  • Multiphase Flow Loop 

    Multiphase Flow Loop

    The multiphase flow facility is a three-phase closed loop where nitrogen gas, diesel and salt water is circulated. CMR as well as external companies use the loop for R&D and 3rd party tests of flow instruments.

  • Temperature Test Chambers 

    Temperature Test Chambers

    Three temperature chambers are available at CMR for equipment testing over a wide range of temperatures. These temperature chambers are suitable for soak testing, cycling, environmental stress screening etc.

  • Vibration Testing 

    Vibration Testing

    CMR Prototech offers vibration and shock testing as a separate service or as an integrated service in our development projects.

  • Virtual Flow Laboratory 

    Virtual Flow Laboratory

    CMR use CFD as a virtual flow laboratory for analysing metering stations and flow instruments.