Dr. Odd Dahl

85 years in the name of science. 85 years with the housing of a lot of great women and men. Scientists that gave all their hearth into research. One of them was Odd Dahl.

Dr. Odd Dahl

Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) was originally part of the science division of the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), which was founded on 15 March 1930. Norway's first prime minister, Christian Michelsen, donated his legacy to free research, which is why Bergen is home to Norway's oldest polytechnic institute. CMR was split off from CMI in 1992 as a separate limited liability company. CMR contributes research and competence in the intersection between basic research and industry. Researchers and our research have left their mark for 85 years; from instruments for environmental monitoring to the high-volt facility for cancer treatment that was designed already during World War II.

Odd Dahl is a name that cannot be avoided.

We were brought into the most spectacular projects thanks to his scientific skills, good knowledge, and impressive national and international network. Dahl's ability to see opportunities where others only saw problems was also important to the institute. The planning and execution of the Kjeller nuclear reactor, where Dahl was an important player in the building of the reactor, must be remarked on. Not only did they make sure that they obtained sensitive and advanced knowledge about nuclear power. Dahl himself stacked the 12 tonnes of graphite needed by the facility. The practical man and the mathematician were one and the same.

Odd Dahl designed the first proton synchrotron accelerator at CERN.

400 kv Van de Graff.  Also a product by Odd Dahl. Photo: Carnegie Institutt Washington, 1932

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