Extraordinary stories

From space to the ocean floor

Grieghallen – renovated acoustic celebrity

It could have gone very badly. The structure of famed Danish architect Knud Munk was basically unsuitable for song and music – his dream of a Roman atrium cannot be easily combined with beautiful symphonies in rainy Bergen. Salvation came in the form of Director of Research Helmer Dahl from the Chr. Michelsen Institute and the fact that funding problems delayed completion of the concert hall.

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We lit the Olympic flame in 1994

7000 hands had carried the fire during the Olympic torch relay. 300 torches had been used and 8000 kilometers had been covered when Crown Prince Haakon ran up the final staircase with the torch, and fired up the Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games in 1994.

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Dr. Odd Dahl

85 years in the name of science. 85 years with the housing of a lot of great women and men. Scientists that gave all their hearth into research. One of them was Odd Dahl.

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