Zero Emission Energy Systems

Around ten tons of greenhouse gases per person in Norway are discharged into the atmosphere per year. The government requires concrete measures to reduce these emissions before 2020. Is it possible to create a society without pollution emission, while also ensuring profitability and jobs?

Zero Emission Energy Systems

Prototech and CMR have extensive experience when it comes to Zero Emission Energy Systems. The main focus for Prototech is on decentralized power systems using the best combination of renewable energy production and storage solutions. CMR expertise is in the wind and geothermal applications

Based on years of experience we can assist customers in designing and developing Zero Emission systems adjusted to available resources, budget and technical specifications.

A typical system could include several sources of renewable energy such as:

  • Wind turbines
  • Solar panels
  • Hydropower / “run off river” hydropower
  • Geothermal energy


In combination with battery or hydrogen storage we design systems that are fully, or partially powered by local energy. Based on available technology Prototech can design systems ranging from smaller sub KW systems to larger MW plants.  

Prototech  and CMR also strives to drive technology by developing highly efficient systems improving the overall energy efficiency.

The main markets for Zero Emission Energy Systems are transport, space, offshore, maritime and buildings.