Mechanical Design and Engineering

Prototech offers a range of services based on thorough knowledge and expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and related disciplines.

Mechanical Design and Engineering



Our creative engineers have a solid theoretical foundation and excellent practical understanding, which when combined leads to the right solutions.

Core areas of expertise are:


Our main engineering services comprise:

  • Structural components for satellites and launchers
  • Experimental modules for unmanned and manned space flights
  • Special equipment and tools to client specifications for the oil & gas and offshore industry
  • Development of mechanically based systems, mechanisms, tools and products.
  • Concept and feasibility studies
  • Detailed design and documentation for manufacturing
  • Prototype development including manufacturing, testing and validation
  • Concept studies of energy conversion processes
  • Development and demonstration of fuel-cell-based energy processes
  • Extensive expertise in developing tools for pipeline inspection



Advanced computer modelling and analysis combined with an in-depth understanding of the basic physical and/or chemical mechanisms are vital parts of modern product and process development. In particular, in order to verify design specifications or to extrapolate system behavior beyond laboratory or test conditions, use of state-of-the-art modelling software is crucial. Over the years Prototech has acquired considerable experience and knowledge of the analysis of mechanical systems, structures and energy conversion processes.

Our main analysis services comprise:

  • Static and dynamic analysis of mechanical structures
  • Thermal analysis of mechanical structures
  • Fluid dynamic analysis including chemical reactions (combustion)
  • Process Simulation