Metering Services

CMR provides 3rd party consultancy related to measurements and metering stations surveys, and has projects with the industry and authorities on the subject.

Metering Services

Metering services on CMR is based on research related to instrumentation and measurements. CMR has long experience in development of handbooks and online tools for evaluation of fiscal metering systems in close collaboration with the industry and authorities. The related projects in the field is mainly related to oil and gas. However, the methods and technology knowledge are applicable also for other areas.

CMR provides courses on multiphase flow metering, fiscal gas metering, and uncertainty analysis.

CMR has facilities for multiphase meter performance testing, vibration-, temperature-, and pressure tests, in addition to a virtual flow laboratory where metering optimisation and flow effects on the measurements can be studied by use of modelling and simulations.

The research activities at CMR related to the metering services are focused on the challenges that lies ahead for the industry. Especial attention is given to field and ownership allocation with respect to uncertainty, cost and risk.