Fuel Cell Technology

Energy technologies for efficient power production, lower CO2 emissions and reduced environmental impact of energy use are focus areas to Prototech.

Fuel Cell Technology

Prototech has more than 20 years of experience in the development and testing of a wide range of energy systems utilising various fuels. Researchers in different technical fields combine their expertise to create fuel cell and electrolyser systems for the future. The core areas of expertise are:

  • Fuel Cells (SOFC, PEM)
  • Energy conversion
  • Energy optimisation
  • Space research


 The following are examples of Prototech supplies to the energy sector:

  • SOFC stacks and balance of plant (BOP) components based on Prototech proprietary SOFC-technology
  • Prototech proprietary CO2 separation technology for SOFC systems
  • SOFC system & BOP design based on Prototech proprietary technology
  • Development of novel high-efficiency energy conversion processes with integrated CO2 separation
  • Application and system studies of fuel cell technology