Sensors for Water Quality Monitoring

Online monitoring of water quality.

Water Quality Monitoring

In the aquaculture and environmental monitoring sectors, regulatory and quality assurance demands create the need for accurate and long term on-line monitoring of dissolved gas concentration, and other water quality parameters such as pH and salinity.  Robust and lower cost solid state sensors are being increasingly preferred over time consuming traditional laboratory analysis of spot samples.

Through the Michelsen Centre, CMR and other partners have contributed with developing new autonomous oceanographic sensors that can be utilized across a range of different industries. These require limited maintenance, have small mechanical footprints, are power efficient and inexpensive:

  • CO2 sensor develop together with Aanderaa AS are now available for scientific customers
  • NH3 sensor prototype
  • H2O2 and pH sensor in progress

CMR has also developed the capability to test and calibrate a wide range of sensor including CO2, NH3 and pH.