Investigating the Ocean

Autonomous solutions for real-time environmental monitoring and decision support

Investigating the Ocean

Our oceans are grossly undersampled in both space and time. Increased sampling is needed to improve understanding of change and variability in different temporal and spatial scales. CMR contribute with reliable and low power solutions for better coverage and enhanced understanding.

CMR perform research on and development of:

  • Autonomous surface platforms
  • Autonomous sensors and instrumentation
  • Efficient data management and processing tools

We provide cost-efficient sampling solutions focusing on power efficiency and small mechanical footprint. Our expertise within various fields can provide solutions from sensor to decision support.

We have a long history in developing drifting and mooring Ocean Observing Platforms, submerged buoy technology and oceanographic instruments. Drifting buoys in the ocean can measure metrological and oceanographic parameters. The data are sent via satellite to different users, e.g. for improved weather and wind forecasts. We have also developed the autonomous sailing vessel, the Sailbuoy, which now is commercial available through the spinoff company Offshore Sensing AS.

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